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UniTrento Sport

UniTrento Sport is the university network of services and sports facilities in Trento and its province dedicated to university students and employees of the university and of the local research centers.
Founded in 2008 by University of Trento, Opera Universitaria of Trento and CUS Trento, it is inspired by the organizational and management model that characterizes the Anglo-Saxon and Nordic colleges.

The initiative, which is proposed as one of the first projects at the national level with regard to sport in college, looks to sport not only as an opportunity for recreation and as a tool for personal well-being, but also as an opportunity for training and growth from the point of view of social interactions.

Wellness, socialization, training: these are the keywords of the project, the first step towards a European network focused on University, Sport and Mountain. UniTrento Sport expects in the future to develop a network with the nearby universities of Verona, Bolzano and Innsbruck, and with other international universities.

The UNI.Sport activities are manifold. The TOPSport, UNI.Fit and UNI.Team programs, designed for different types of students, the recreational-sports events, the courses and activities in the university centers and sports facilities located at the student halls of the Opera Universitaria.
UniTrento SPORT University of Trento Via Calepina 14 Trento Italy

Paolo Bouquet

Currently the major research institutions in Trentino take part in the network: FBK- Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Fondazione Mach, Create-Net, Rovereto IIT (Italian Institute of Technology). Among the main UniTrento Sport initiatives: the TOPSport, UNI.Fit, UNI.Team and Widespread Sport programs.



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November 21, 2018