Vereniging Sport en Gementeen

The Association of Sports and Municipalities on sports policy is the platform in the Netherlands for the development and positioning of sport and physical activity as a binding element in society.

The policy on sport and physical activity is important for the general welfare of citizens. Sport and physical activities provide opportunities for talent, meaningful leisure activities, active participation in society and promotion of a healthy lifestyle.

Their national organization is based in The Hague. The Association comprises a national board, the platforms North, East, South and West and 27 regions with the executive office of in The Hague. A number of committees advice and support the organization. Six regional advisers and ambassadors support the regions on matters where the importance of sport and communities is central.

They work in different ways and on different projects together with NOC*NSF, Ministries of Health and Education, the Knowledge centre on Sports and the research centre Mulier Institute. In close cooperation with the Association of Dutch Municipalities on all the other fields of policy, they occur at the national level as interlocutor on behalf of municipalities in contacts with ministries, sports federations and research and educational institutions. On special issues they also collaborate with the RIVM Centre for Healthy Living.

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