Verde Cluster for Sports Innovation

The mission of the “Cluster for Sport Innovations VERDE” is the mutual support of businesses, units of the research and development and business environment institutions operating in sectors related to the wider industry, contractors and recreational sports surfaces and related industries.

This is achieved through constant cooperation based on knowledge transfer, implementation of innovative solutions and improve the competitiveness of those involved in the cluster, as well as to create regions of Lodz, Mazovia, Lubuskie and neighbouring regions as areas open to the development of innovation with the participation of local government.

The cluster is open, which means that new members can access it any time.
It functions of administration and coordinationof the Cluster is supported by the VERDE Foundation for Sport Innovations. The tasks of the coordinator are :

  • Conduct information and promotion activities of the Cluster in the order to recruit new players.
  • Establish a system for exchanging information and experiences aimed at establishing and developing the scientific and business contacts.
  • Obtaining funding for research projects, training and consulting, marketing and investment for the Cluster.
  • Attracting investors and capital for investment projects for all members.
  • Representing the initiative on the outside.
PL-90-212 Łódź, ul. Sterlinga 27/29