The AICS Italian Culture Sports Association is a non-profit association, which was born in 1962 in Rome as a national sports promotion body. Over the years it has gradually extended its range of action to solidarity, culture, social policies, the Third Sector, social tourism, the environment, attention to the marginalized civil protection and training.

The Sports Department of Aics deals with the promotion of sports practice as an instrument of socialization, integration, social cohesion and transmission of values ​​such as respect for the rules and the opponent. Today there are over 7,000 sports events promoted in all Italy by the various Aics committees: more than 50 sports disciplines practiced, from Aikido to Water Basket, among the classic ones such as volleyball and football, and the less common ones including MamaNet, reserved cachibol only for mothers and women over 35. Dozens of national championships that Aics organizes every year and at least 20 sports agreements signed.

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