INDESCAT (Associació Catalana Cluster de la Indústria de l’Esport)

INDESCAT is the Catalan Sports Industry Cluster. As a cluster, we bring together companies and research centres related to the world of sport, with the main objective of developing actions that improve companies’ competitiveness, encouraging the development of innovative products and services. INDESCAT means INDUSTRY+SPORTS+CATALONIA


INDESCAT represents more than 50 companies and research centres with an overall turnover of 1 billion euros, which provide services and products for the entire sports market: consumer goods, sports facilities and sports events. The main goal of INDESCAT is to help members identify and tackle new business opportunities, which may come from innovation, internationalisation, training of funding. Indescat promotes activities that foster these opportunities, such as work groups, seminars or collaboration agreements with different institutions.

 INDESCAT was born in 2010 as a result of a strategic analysis on the Catalan sports sector, driven by the “Sports General Secretary” of the Catalan Autonomous Government. As a private entity led by companies, INDESCAT has succedeed in helping companies start businesses together. Since its foundation, it has arranged more than 10 own and facilitated more than 50 projects among our membes.

INDESCAT works closely with ACCIÓ, the Catalan public agency for competitiveness, which is currently working with 22 clusters across Catalonia. It also holds the “AEI” label awarded by the Spanish Ministry of Industry, and the Bronze label for cluster management awarded by the European Cluster Excellence Initiative. Finally, INDESCAT is also an active member of the European Platform of Sports Innovation (EPSI) and has collaboration agreements with several institutions.

  C/ Milà i Fontanals 14-26, 2n 7a 08012 – Barcelona Spain  

Tel: [+34] 937 824 474

Alex Rivera  (arivera@indescat.org)

Cristina Naches (cnaches@indescat.org)



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