CeRiSM – Universita di Verona

CeRiSM, Research Center of University of Verona, conducts basic and applied research in the fields of the physical and sport activity, with particular focus on outdoor activity and winter sport. The staff of the centre account for about 12 people and is composed by medical doctors, sport scientist and biomedical engineers. The center is active in analyzing physiological and biomechanical responses in sport and fitness related context and has a background in the evaluation and testing of recreational and high level athletes. Part of the CeRiSM activity is devoted to the analysis of the effects of sport garments and equipment on the athlete’s performance and biomechanical, physiological and thermal responses. CeRiSM has lead testing project for several companies for the assessment of their products, shoes, ski boots, sport garments, walking poles. The main characteristic is the possibility to conduct testing both in laboratory controlled conditions and in natural environment and the attitude to setup specific solutions for the peculiarity of each testing scenario.
via Matteo del Ben 5/B 38068 Rovereto Italy

Barbara Pellegrini – researcher
00 39 347 101 3505

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