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The Sports and Technology cluster is a non profit organisation and includes more than 100 SME companies, working in several field of sports. The cluster incorporates 9 (sport) field labs in the region, located around (top) sport facilities. FieldLabs are research and development locations in a real-life sports setting where new ideas, concepts, technologies and products are developed/tested in cooperation between sports, knowledge organisations and companies. Field labs have been developed for gymnastics, swimming, equestrian sports, soccer, sports for the disabled and sports stimulation.


Stimulate the collaboration and innovation power within the so called “Quadripe Helix” of companies, knowledge organisations, sports and government in the field of sports and technology in order to: enhance sport performance, stimulate sport participation/active lifestyle and accelerate business (development)
Sports and Technology is networking organisation located in the top technology region of the Netherlands (Dutch Brainport region (www.brainport.nl), according to the Intelligent Community Forum (ICF) the world’s smartest region in 2011. The region is a top technology breeding ground for innovation and home to world-class businesses, knowledge institutes and research institutions. Together they design and manufacture the technology of the future to ensure a safe, green and caring society and sustainable economic development of the Netherlands.). The sports and technology cluster is a network of companies, sport field labs and knowledge organisations around the Brainport-hotspot. Sports and Technology was founded in 2005 by Dutch Research Organisation TNO and several other regional partners to exploit and combine the excellences of the Brainport region on sports, knowledge and business.
Torenallee 3 5617 BA Eindhoven Netherlands

Rene Wijlens
cluster manager


cluster organisation with a board representing companies, knowledge organisations, sports and public authority  

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