MSP Italia

Movimento Sportivo Popolare Italia is a not-for-profit association, recognised by the Italian Olympic Committee as  “Ente di Promozione Sportiva” (Sport Promotion Body) and by the Italian Minister of Interior as  “Ente Nazionale con finalità assistenziali”.

MSP Italia is present in the Italian territory with Regional and Province Committees and aims to promoting a “Sport for All” approach through organising sport events, meetings seminar and coursed for sports managers and coaches.

Sport is seen by MSP Italia as the right for everyone to practice sport. MSP Italia is committed in main sport promotion themes and in education of coaches and sport staff. Sport must be tailored for everyone taking into account different charachteristics of people, such as age and phyisical conditions. and their environment.

MSP Italia
Viale Giulio Agricola, 115
Rome (Italy)

Telephone: +39 0689325600
E-mail:  info@mspitalia.it