Recent achievements by the Italian Handball Federation and Olympiacos SFP highlight their dominance and commitment to excellence in European handball.

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Italian Handball Federation and Olympiacos SFP reach international success

The Italian Handball Federation has marked a historic comeback by qualifying for the 2025 IHF Men’s World Championship after a 28-year absence.  This resurgence not only brings Italy back to the forefront of international handball but also showcases their growing strength and strategic excellence. 

Similarly, Olympiacos SFP (GR) has had a phenomenal season, most notably reaching the EHF European Cup Final. With key players like Savvas Savvas, top scorer in the EHF European Cup Men with 81 goals, Olympiacos demonstrated their high-calibre play and determination. 

Building on these successes, the Italian Handball Federation, Olympiacos SFP and other esteemed organisations are collaborating on an ambitious initiative: the Handball International Education Project (HIEP). This project aims to revolutionize the training and development of handball coaches across Europe, with the ultimate goal of increasing youth participation and enhancing the overall quality of the sport.

About the HIEP Project

The Handball International Education Project (HIEP) is designed to address key priorities in sport education:

  1. Inclusion and Diversity: By promoting handball as a tool to engage children and young people, HIEP aims to foster a more inclusive and diverse sporting environment.
  2. Digital Transformation: The project will create digital educational tools, including an e-learning platform and comprehensive coaching manual, to enhance the digital readiness and capacity of coaches.

Handball, followed by 20 million players globally, is one of the most practiced team sports. In Europe, events like the EHF Champions League draw large crowds, yet the sport’s popularity varies significantly across the continent. HIEP aims to address this disparity by developing a comprehensive manual and an online course dedicated to enhancing the skills and knowledge of handball coaches. These resources will serve as a tools to increase participation in the sport, especially among young people. 

Upcoming Training in Chieti, Italy

A significant milestone for the HIEP project is the upcoming international training course for handball coaches, scheduled for the end of June in Chieti, Italy. The training will introduce coaches, trainers, and physical education teachers to the newly developed manual. The course aims to provide a unified training approach at the European level, ensuring coaches are well-equipped with the latest best practices and techniques. 

Get Involved!

The HIEP project is an excellent opportunity for individuals and organizations passionate about handball and sports education to get involved! Coaches, trainers, educators, and sport enthusiasts are invited to learn more about the project and participate in its activities. 

More info:

Panos Papageorgiou, Project Manager

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