Engagigo s.r.l. is a start-up that houses both Sport Data Management (SDAM) and Juniper XLS. The first is a leading provider of services (timing, secretarial and marketing) for endurance sports events. The second is a software house that offers solutions for the management of accreditations, inscriptions, ticketing, access control and attendance data of sporting events.

From the solid business and expertise foundation of SDAM and Juniper XLS came ENDU, an innovative social media and digital marketplace in the sports, outdoor activities and fitness sector. It’s based on a software platform and on a system of commercial interconnection between the relevant market stakeholders (sports practitioners, sports associations, event companies, tourist resorts, sponsors and media specialists).

It also makes use of data mining software and services, digi-field marketing and dynamic advertising.

ENDU is an example of digi-field media because it leverages a new digital platform (integrated with the most popular social networking sites), and widespread field activity guaranteed by the MySDAM network.

In the world of endurance, ENDU is a kind of TripAdvisor for events, a service and sharing hub for fans, a marketplace for operators and a marketing tool for those operating in this and other sectors.


The company’s research and development consists mainly in:
– the study of the relevant stakeholders (sporting practitioners, event organisers and sponsors, sports companies, producers and retailers of goods and services, tourist sites) in relation to the specific innovative features of the project
– the study and development of web portal management software with social media and marketplace functionality
– the study, selection and development of data mining software and services, digi-field marketing and dynamic advertising

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Andrea Balestrieri Presidente del CdA 



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July 16, 2018