Howest University of Applied Science

A University of Applied Sciences, that like to be described as atypical, creative, innovative and entrepreneurial. Anticipating the future and exploring the talents and motivation of each student, they coach students to become competent, highly employable, team oriented young professionals. The aim of the university is to set the mark for socially relevant, practice-based education and valorisation oriented research and community service for the broad regional and international labour market.

Anticipating new trends and needs, they design new profiles. In order to do so, Howest University of Applied Science generates practice-based, state of the art curricula in close collaboration with the labour field. In a multidisciplinary setting, they integrate education, research and community service in each curriculum, thus creating an added value for its students, staff and society as a whole.

Howest University of Applied Sciences has 8,500 students and 800 staff. We are a partner of the Association University of Ghent, which is the second largest in Flanders with nearly 70,000 students.

They have campuses in Bruges and Kortrijk, two historical towns in the province of West-Flanders and in Oudenaarde, equally a historical town in the province of East-Flanders.  

The Howest Academy offers a wide range of post-graduate and tailor made micro degrees. Research is key, especially in the field of virtual and mixed reality, applied artificial intelligence and educational and training games.