UISP (Unione Italiana Sport Per tutti) is a an social and sport association, aimed at promoting and guarantee the right to sport for all citizens.

UISP is a social sport organisation, with strong roots in local and national communities. It works with a  subsidiary relationship with the institutions (National and International) and promotes projects, campaigns, events, and educational activities through and in the name of sport.

UISP represents an active citizenship, promoting education and ethics through sport.

Founded in 1948, UISP affirms the social value of sport, civil rights, environment, health and solidarity.

Sport for all is a social asset, that influences health, life quality, integration, education and interpersonal relationship.

L.go Nino Franchellucci, 73 00155 Roma (Italy)

    Vincenzo Manco
    Tiziano Pesce

General E-mail: uisp@uisp.it