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EPSI is an international non-profit organization based in Brussels representing a network of sport-related private and public members from all over Europe, fostering innovation in sports through fundraising, business creation and lobbying. We make your projects reality by securing the best funding for sports and by creating the best sports business opportunity for all our members.

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Olimpic values, the foundation of innovation

Explore the future of sports at the “Olympic Values & Sport Innovation” conference next October in Olympia, where experts unite to foster cooperation and cutting-edge advancements.

EPSI and UEFA: Driving Sports Innovation Together

The collaboration, initiated last year, has opened new avenues for sports startups and organizations across Europe to foster innovation and enhance sustainability through strategic funding schemes.

Aim at Your Sports Business Goals with EPSI’s New Services

EPSI’s consulting approach takes member’s vision and transforms it into a winning business plan. Sports entities are guided through crucial steps like market analysis, identifying and benchmarking competitors, developing a user journey

Triumphs on the Court, Transformations in Coaching: Join HIEP Project

Building on their successes, the Italian Handball Federation, Olympiacos SFP and other esteemed organisations are collaborating on an ambitious initiative: the Handball International Education Project (HIEP). The aim: to revolutionize the training and development of handball coaches across Europe.

Pioneering sports innovation and business development with space technology

EPSI is strongly working for the innovation of sports by exploring the benefits space systems can have in the sector. “Satellite Navigation for Hike Trail Gamification” (and the BST HIKES app) co-funded by ESA, demonstrates the concrete application of this system. And it already looks to a wider future in Europe.

82% of survey participants evaluated EPSi positively

Nearly 82% of respondents said they are very likely or very likely with EPSI in general. We are proud of this strong endorsement which reflects the value members find in being part of the EPSI network.

-30 DAYS to Greece at unmissable price

Less than 30 days to get discounted tickets for the EPSI Annual Conference 2024. Early bird tickets expires at the end of June

Erasmus+ Call on Sport: A Record-Breaking Achievement

EPSI and its network of members achieved a record success in 2024 with 42 Project Proposals submitted to the Erasmus+ Call on Sport of European Union

Motor and cognitive skills in Handball: insights from Constanta University

To develop an online training course for handball coaches all over Europe, partners of the project set out to report on the best practices available, conducting comparative analysis with other sports and identifying what makes good practices successful.

FITA and EPSI aim to bring intergenerational Taekwondo to the European level

FITA and EPSI aim for the expansion of intergenerational Taekwondo initiatives across Europe, empowering seniors and fostering social connections.


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EPSI is partner of the European Week Of Sport, initiative of the European Commission to promote a healthy lifestyle.


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