SportaMundi is a non-profit organization rooted from the social activities of Ghent University. The association aims to put relevant (sports) scientific research into practice in the form of products and/or services for governments, social and non-profit organizations, such as schools, municipalities and sports clubs.


Our mission is to make an impact on a healthier society by increasing sports participation and improving movement skills through the use of digital solutions, innovations, and shared digital platforms. We bring sports science into practice in co-creation with our partners in the ecosystem of sports, education, and research.

Our expertise

We have expertise in sports science, especially in movement skills and developing & implementing digital platforms. With our in-house multidisciplinary team together with external partners, we are able to implement digital products from research to practice being used in schools, cities, and non-profit sports organizations.

SportaMundi is currently working on 3 key projects:

  1. SportKompas
  2. Movement Skills Platform
  3. V-Observer

You can find more about these projects under ‘Additional information’.

Nieuwewandeling 62
9000 Gent – Belgium

Our strategic objectives

  • Implement solid and proven solutions in our home market, as a model and reference for other countries
  • Package our solutions to be used by partners in other countries
  • Build a network of international partnerships to implement and enhance our solutions

Our projects

  1. SportKompas
  • Current stage: SportKompas is in full implementation in Flanders in every primary school and is used in the Netherlands and Singapore. Internationalization is currently ongoing.
  • Further information: SportKompas is an orientation tool for children between 8 and 10 years to find out which sports best fit them based on their physical skills, what they enjoy, and their motivation. SportKompas comes with a country package for partners who are interested to implement SportKompas in their country or region. The package consists of training on how to use SportKompas, a box with test materials, and access to the digital platform.

More info can be found on: www.sportkompas.be/en

  1. Movement Skills Platform
  • Current stage: in development, operational in Flanders as from September 2021. Ready for internationalization in 2022.
  • Further information: The Movement Skills Platform is a digital solution to measure, follow-up, and improve the movement skills of children and students in schools. By use of test packages, fundamental movement skills can be assessed and surveys can be used to get more insight into the attitude, motivation, barriers, and sports participation of children and students. A digital library is available to get and add exercises to improve these movement skills. Reports and statistics provide insights on individual and group levels, as well as valuable data for researchers and policymakers on sports participation and movement skills for a specific population and the longitudinal evolution.
  1. V-Observer
  • Current stage: in prototype, operational in Flanders as from March 2022. Ready for internationalization in 2023.
  • Further information: V-Observer is a digital solution for Physical Education (PE) teachers and coaches to improve their motivational learning and coaching style. PE teachers can foster autonomous motivation to improve their skills through the adoption of a motivating style. The V-Observer tool consists of a questionnaire based on the Self Determination Theory, developed at Ghent University. Teachers and coaches can find their motivational styles and get tips to improve. They can upload their video-recorded lessons in the tool where they can analyze where they applied motivational teaching or where they can improve via video annotations and guided questionnaires.

More information can be found on https://www.victoris.be/v-observer/


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