Kinetic Analysis

Kinetic Analysis® demonstrates the added value of technology in peoples life, altering the perception and the capabilities of the human body functions. Growing as an expertise-based company in the sports tech market and expands rapidly into the health- and vitality sector.

Founded in 2012 Kinetic Analysis® developed unique algorithms used in elite sports like soccer, hockey and golf. Furthermore expanding to rehabilitation, the company provided a base for using motion data for more effective results. Gaining extensive experience in collecting data in large populations, the company focussed on optimising the data collecting process.

Kinetic Analysis® develops data capturing and storing devices like smart textiles and optical sensors combining datasets from different sources, creating impact in the vitality and healthcare sector. Further, build unique propositions for the sports market. The company is implementing new techniques for data analysis on physiological and biomechanical measurements combined with 3rd party data, to create useful applications.

Kinetic Analysis® provides full-service development monitoring devices and software that can adjust to people’s daily lives. An amalgam of data science, sports- and behavioural science. The goal is to capture and analyse human motion data in a non-invasive but natural way, e.g. by using smart garments.

Kinetic Analysis® provides the next generation of highly innovative motion measurement tools and data capturing solutions with a series of products in the domains of sports, vitality and health.


Creating impact and opportunities with human motion data.

  1. We specialised in collecting and managing large datasets from groups of people.
  2. We perform data analysis to gain better insight in new domains through sports technology. We make things that are unseen by the naked eye visible through statistics, using the latest techniques in data science like artificial intelligence and machine learning.
  3. We add value by using data, improving individual’s life’s and creating economic impact

Kinetic Analysis® is a company based in the Netherlands, founded in 2012 by Maarten Gijssel, a clinical health scientist and sports-physiotherapist. Gijssels’ Masters and PhD research focused on clinically useful objective measurements of human motion.

Collaborating with sports and health scientists, artificial intelligence specialists, software engineers, user experience designers and product designers, Kinetic Analysis aims to pioneer in the development of smart devices for human motion measurements.

The focus of the research is on capturing motion and analysing the data – initially in the field of sports. The research has produced significant results and Kinetic Analysis® is now providing the next generation of highly innovative motion / activity measurement tools and data capturing solutions.

In addition, large data sets are being collected continuously by our company, and partners, to improve the accuracy of our tools, to optimise human motion and other related fields. We love sharing our expertise through workshops for professional sports- and healthcare workers worldwide.

Empowering other businesses in motion analysis, running-related injuries and sports analysis for soccer, golf, hockey and tennis, among others, sharing our extensive experience in measurements of over 25.000 unique athletes in the first 5 years.

Kinetic Analysis® creates smart devices, such as: smart textiles, 3D printed smart insoles, a balance assessment sensor and motion capture cameras; in collaboration with different partners in different projects. Kinetic Analysis® is a key stakeholder in applied R&D projects with a global impact, such as DWELL, iBT, Smart Sports Textiles and Nano4Sports’ PERTEX and CYTEX.

And last but not least, in order to support other sports- and health-tech companies we are sharing our research skills and experience in creating algorithms to solve complex data problems, building customised products and services with great impact on the health technology market.

  • Sports Measurements: Supporting elite players and clubs by combining exercise physiology and biomechanics criteria in human motion analysis. Providing field measurements for both elite and amateur clubs in carousal in order to quickly screen talents and provide amusements to amateur clubs;
  • Product Development: using latest technology to develop smart textiles under the names: Undo and Skillvol. Furthermore development of a smart optical device to be used for rehabilitation purposes, among other products;
  • Contracted Research. Empowering sport- and health-tech parties through offering support in writing study proposals, getting ethical approval and performing Health Technology Assessment. Thereby increasing market impact by providing scientific evidence backing up the latest innovation;
  • Data Sciences In Sports.

Jheronimus Academy of Data Science

Sint Janssingel 92, 5211 DA


Maarten Gijssel
0031 6 21566017


company: 9 employees in 2018

Legal Form

BV (Besloten Vennootschap)

Year of foundation

2012: sole proprietorship 2017 change legal entity into BV.


  • Specialists in human motion data for both research and go to market product development;
  • Data valorisation for personal and economic impact;
  • Product Development;
  • Contracted research / Health Technology Assessment.


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