Dalarna University

Dalarna University is a academic institution of higher education dedicated to education and research. The sports-science research at Dalarna University is focused on exercise physiology, physical education, sports media, and public health. Connected to these research areas, Dalarna University have a sports-science laboratory consisting of physiological, biomechanical, and biochemical sections. Many of the equipment in the sports-science laboratory enable field-test measurements. For now, Dalarna University will be represented in EPSI by Dala Sports Academy (www.dalasportsacademy.se) which is a center that focus on collaboration with external parties via transfer of scientific-based knowledge, development and innovation within the sports and health sector.


Dalarna University is a academic institution and our mission is to generate high-quality and innovtive research and transfer and implement scientific knowlege to the industry, public sector, and civil society.

Cross-country skiing, football, ice hockey, cycling, track and field, archery, triathlon, swimming, alpine skiing, tennis, etc.
Högskolegatan 2

Magnus Carlsson
Researcher in sports science and one of two Projekt managers for the EU-financed project Dala Sports Academy





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