Profit project announces overall price winner

Serious Gaming by the Dutch company Yalp is the winner of the ProFit Innovation Award, an international competition for SME’s and start-up companies to develop innovative sports products or services. The winning concept was announced in Amsterdam at the Sports Technology Expo 2012 and will receive a 20.000 euro voucher to support further development, prototyping and international dissemination of the idea. The competition is part of the Profit project, one of the European projects that have emerged from the EPSI cooperation (see Profit project)

An international jury of experts chose Serious Gaming (Yalp) out of the four nominees that each had won a 20.000 euro voucher in the first stage of the competition. Yalp is a Dutch supplier and developing company for play equipment and sports products.

The concept by Yalp can be described as a set of interactive poles which offer a variety of games, including active movement and brain training. The poles are positioned in a public space, consist of a display and LED-lighting and are able to communicate text, images and animations. Players move between the poles. Movement sensors enable the poles to react to the players.

Innovation competition

To inspire and source exciting new products to test in the FieldLabs, ProFit launched an innovation competition in 2012. Promising SME’s and start-up companies were invited to develop innovative sports products or services, to be used in one of the four participating FieldLabs. Each FieldLab formulated a specific design challenge with regard to the local target groups, their needs and wishes and the specific setting. The four winners each have received a 20.000 euro voucher for a prototype, to be installed in the FieldLab. The winners were Serious Gaming by Yalp (Delft), Cone2020 by Spinnov (Sheffield), Motivational LED Graphics by Magic Monkey (Kortrijk) and YOU.FO by Bas Ruyssenaars (Eindhoven). Serious Gaming by Yalp was chosen as the overall winner and will receive an additional 20.000 euro voucher.

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