The EPSI Member of the Year is a prize that has the scope to recognize formally the great involvement in the EPSI community, as well as the great commitment and dedication on various projects related to sports innovation.

Christina Tsiligkiri was awarded for the 2023 edition during the EPSI Annual Conference 2023 in the Azores last June, in the representation of three leading EPSI members she is the President (Peace and Friendship Stadium), CEO and Project Manager (CJT Solutions) and General Secretary (Olympiacos SPF). 

Christina expressed clearly their ambition for the future to continue working on new projects in the sports sector and claimed their satisfaction with being part of the EPSI community. Here is her interview, which you can also watch on YouTube. 

  • Congratulations on being the Member of the Year 2023 of EPSI! What has been the added value you got from the network since you joined?

Since joining EPSI, I’ve had the incredible opportunity to connect with a diverse and impressive group of individuals. Through this community, I have not only expanded my professional network but also created multiple relationships with like-minded entrepreneurs, innovators and industry experts. The EPSI community has been instrumental in the development of my company. The wealth of knowledge and expertise shared by all the members has given me incredible insight and guidance in every stage of my entrepreneurial job.

  • What are your inspirations in the field of sports innovation? 

One of the main inspirations for sports innovation is the constant search for pushing the boundaries of human performance. Athletes themselves are a significant source of inspiration because their education, passion and desire to overcome, motivates innovators to create short-term technologies and solutions. Technological advantages in areas such as data analytics and virtual reality play an important role in inspirations in the field of sports innovation. 

  • What are the most exciting initiatives or projects you are currently working on about your EPSI membership?

EPSI continually discovers exceptional opportunities, initiatives and captivating projects over the year. Among these networks of individuals, there are two projects we want to underline: the HIEP Project and the Sport T-Index project. These two projects showcase the EPSI’s attraction to innovation and its ability to identify impactful initiatives in the sports industry.

HIEP project focuses on two main horizontal priorities – promoting inclusion and diversity in education training, youth and sports, in particular Handball as an inclusive sport for children and young people. It’s also addressed the digital transformation by creating highly educational digital tools, including a e-learning platform with coach training modules. 

The Sports Transparency Index Project have been a device to support integrity interventions at the most fundamental level. The project will help by benchmarking sports stakeholders including clubs, leagues, national associations and international governing bodies using universally applicable and appropriate criteria to evaluate, compare and contrast them against basic integrity-related transparency indicators. 

  • What is your main goal for the next 12 months and how can EPSI help you achieve it?

Over the next 12 months, our primary objective is to embark on an ambitious journey sending our company to new horizons. With the support and resources provided by EPSI, we are confident in our ability to sign exciting opportunities and participate in new calls for the sports innovation landscape. 

  • Thanks, Christina! Do you have any further remarks?

I’m expecting to have a September with good results for the projects we submitted last March. I’m very ambitious for the next 12 months, that we’ll have more and more projects because after November and December, we’ll be working again with Sebastiano and the whole EPSI team on new project ideas. I’m very happy, I belong to this family, if I can say that.