SPOKI, short for SPort Orientation for Kids, is the new Erasmus+ project EPSI partners in that aims to get more kids involved in sports, by helping them understand which sports are best suited to them, using the sports orientation method SportKompas. The project kicked off with a great meeting in Ghent (Belgium): from the 31st of January to the 2nd of February partners laid out the implementation of the project. 

The SportKompas method: guiding children towards a lifetime of Sport

The innovative and science-based SportKompas method was developed at Ghent University in 2011 and has since developed into a tool used in Flemish primary schools. SportKompas is useful as a way for children between 8 and 10 years old to discover sports that align with their interests and abilities. By targeting primary schools, the project seeks to include every child, irrespective of their diversity, cultural background, or socioeconomic status. When children engage in sports tailored to their preferences, they experience success, enjoyment, and increased motivation, fostering not only a healthy lifestyle but also contributing to enhanced self-esteem and social integration. 

Thanks to SportKompas, families have guidance in choosing which sport is better for their children and teachers have specific data to develop movement skills based on test results. Moreover, local governments receive insights on children’s sports preferences, movement health parameters and possible barriers to participating in sports and universities get a large quantity of anonymous data for research.  

The project will adapt the know-how of SportKompas to local needs and prepare to make it available for every school and city in Europe. The geographical spread, cultural differences and cross-country knowledge transfer during the project will lead to a sustainable digital solution for dissemination in other EU countries.  

Project partners test the SportKompas method at the kick-off meeting in Ghent

Project partners test the SportKompas method at the kick-off meeting in Ghent

Project kick-off in Ghent (BE). Sportkompas training session

EPSI, as leaders of communication of the project, wants to make a societal impact on sports participation, health prevention, well-being, and integration on a multi-national level by disseminating the project storyline.   

To kick-off the project, a meeting was held in Ghent from the 31st of January to the 2nd of February. It was the first step in the implementation of SPOKI and it marked the start of positive collaboration between project partners: SportaMundi, EPSI, Cluster Sports & Technology, Universidad Europea de Valencia, Varala Sports Institute, ANCI Piemonte, Fundación Deportiva Municipal de Valencia, Comune di Cuneo,Universiteit Gent and Tampereen kaupunki/Lielahdenkoulu. 

Participants went through the different phases of implementation of the project and had the opportunity to gain practical insights into the SportKompas method, thanks to a practical training session held on the 1st of February at Ghent University. The practical knowledge was combined with theoretical training about the digital platform Hylyght, where the data collected during SportKompas tests can be found, analysed and used to create training plans for athletes. 

Partners have agreed to maintain costant collboration while they move on to the next steps of the project, with the implementation of the SportKompas method in multiple European schools.  

SportKompas method tested by partnes during the Kick-off meeting

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