ClusSport is one of the Industrial Modernisation thematic partnerships validated and supported by DG Regio and DG GROW that aims to implement concrete interregional cooperation and co-investment projects.

ClusSport Consortium

Leading regions:
Lapland (FI)
South Netherlands (NL)

Participating regions:
Flanders (BE)
Kainuu (FI)
Upper Austria (AT)
Valencia (ES)
Catalonia (ES)
Auvergne Rhône-Alpes (FR)

Dalarna (SE)
Trento (IT)

(European Platform for Sport Innovation – EPSI)



ClusSport is divided in 3 thematic areas:

Area 1: Smart Sport Wearables (quantified self) – ICT4Self: To test modern ICT-embedded sport goods in regional environments with different cultural experiences (GPS tracking wearables, sport monitoring goods, use of ICT for product testing)

Area 2: Smart Sport environment and IoT (quantified environment)- ICT4Env: Smart sport environment helps monitor sport performances and provides feedback to sport service providers

Area 3: healthy active lifestyle – Sport4Vitality: Monitoring of healthy sport practices as the possibility to mobilise sport goods and services to bring vitality through business development



12 Coopérations projects:

Smart Sport Events for all
Smart vital cities / communities
Exergames in education
Mapping of future technologies and its impact in (sport) applications
Smart gyms
Fablab for acceleration of innovation
Living labs for acceleration of innovation
Cross-cluster collaboration to create new value proposition
Smart Sport Products
Occupational vitality
Education in movement / movement in education
EU sport education programs (EU masters)