The Project

The project promotes cooperation among sport clusters and business opportunities for SMEs

Project summary

The project aims to continue the cooperation and collaboration among the sports clusters to provide and create new business opportunities for SMEs, strengthen Clusters management capacities to transfer knowledge to SMEs. The project will improve cross-sectoral cooperation, especially with technology, energy, tourism and health sectors, to address the main challenges the sector is facing in Europe and advance in the digitalisation process and the provision of low carbon products and services.

General Objectives

  • Develop and implement a common vision and strategy road map to face global sports industry challenges for the next years, such as digitalization, sustainability (low carbon solutions, circular economy), etc.
  • Improve SMEs competitiveness and innovation capacity to give answer to the main challenges of the Sports sector previously identified.
  • Establish alliances and shared projects between clusters and their SMEs in the different sports sector value chains.
  • Improve and strengthen clusters management capacities and skills towards excellence to provide better services to SMEs.
  • Enhance the positioning of clusters as an effective tool for industry competitiveness and interregional cooperation and innovation, creating a favourable ecosystem that facilitates new business opportunities for SMEs.

The Partnership


Full List of Partners

  • INDESCAT (Spain);
  • Cluster Montagne (France);
  • Clusters Sport&Technology (The Netherlands);
  • MSE Hungarian Sport & Lifestyle (Hungary);
  • European Platform for Sport Innovation (Belgium).

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Latest Project News

SmarSports4GoodLife: Cluster Montagne Strategic Plan

SmarSports4GoodLife: Cluster Montagne Strategic Plan

There will definitively be a before and an after of the year 2020! No doubt that when the five partners of the SmartSports4GoodLife (SS4GL) project set up the consortium, no one could have possibly imagined nor anticipated what an earthquake this year would be.