Many people believe that ISPO Munich is the most important fair in the sport industry!

From the 27th to the 30th of November, the partners of the European project SmartSports4GoodLife, composed by the sports industry clusters INDESCAT, Cluster Sports & Technology, Cluster Montagne, MSE Cluster and the European platform for innovation in sport – EPSI, will travel to Munich. The aim of the Exchange is to visit the most important fair within the sport sector, ISPO Munich, and will have a common booth with other companies, members of the clusters, at the ISPO Brandnew area. The companies attending will be: Athos, Bos Sports Consultancy, Buff, FreshSnow, Greenholds, Improfit, Mat group, Neu Boots, NZero, Ocisport, Powerinstep, SeYu, Spinracing Szolnok- Group Therapy, You.Fo and The Andorra Esports Cluster. AFYDAD, the Spanish Sports Association, will also be involved in the event.

ISPO Munich is the leading international trade fair for the sports sector, specialised in sportswear and fashion (sports clothing, mountaineering equipment, gym equipment, sports shoes, textiles, etc.). It is a benchmark event for discovering the latest trends and innovations in the area of sports and sports equipment, focusing on five segments: outdoor, snow sports, sports fashion, health and wellness, and textiles.

As part of ISPO Munich, the ISPO Brandnew area, an important platform for the promotion and expansion of start-ups from the sports industry. SS4GL PROJECT offers to start-ups that are members of the clusters the opportunity to attend this meeting point of the sector, which will allow them to expand their networking (distributors, retail, investors, etc.) with the aim of opening up to the international market.

The start-ups and companies that will be present at ISPO Brandnew in the framework of the European project SmartSports4GoodLife are the following: 

Athos are the first 3D printed, custom-made climbing shoes. Athos enhances both the experience and performance of sport through technology, innovation and customisation. 

Athos are part of INDESCAT

Bos Sports Consultancy are involved in sports consultancy, sports management and sports advice.

Bos Sports Consultancy are part of Cluster of Sports & Technology.

Buff are company that designs and manufacture seamless multifunctional tubulars with multiple colours and designs to protect those sportsmen and women who practice outdoor sports. 

Buff are part of INDESCAT. 

FreshSnow is an intelligent ski resort search engine that combines the best technology with the development of a community of skiers who provide information from the ski slopes themselves. Fresh Snow is a perfect tool to find the best snow from the location that the user determines. By means of alerts, webcams and management, among other features.

FreshSnow is part of INDESCAT.

Greenholds is a radical & sustainable sports climbing innovation. After 4 years of R&D they managed to produce the world’s first recyclable climbing holds. Produced with raw materials from waste. High-end engineered. Top quality with the perfect Grip & Feel.

Greenholds is part of Cluster Sports & Technology.

Improfit is a platform aimed at quantifying and evaluating exercises and movement patterns performed by users, through computer vision technologies (human body estimation).

Improfit is part of INDESCAT.

Neu Boots is a manufacturer of a revolutionary ski boots unique in the world with a patented technology that combines stiffness and comfort during skiing without losing performance or control of the skis.

Neu Boots is part of INDESCAT.

NZero develops and markets 100% organic and sustainable waxes and lubricants, 100% organic and totally biodegradable, with the aim of avoiding the impact on nature of fluorinated compounds and other chemical derivatives of petroleum (paraffins).

NZero is part of INDESCAT.

Ocisport is a company leader in Sports Event Organisation in bike and running world. Ocisport has experience in organising outdoor events, most of which are both popular and high-level international competitions.

Ocisport is part of INDESCAT.

Powerinstep promoters of an optimisation system for running, trail running, triathlon and athletics training that is beneficial for all levels of performance, based on the use of light and mobile weights.

Powerinstep is part of INDESCAT.

SeYu is a technology solution for sports fans that allows them to motivate their favourite teams or athletes from anywhere in the world. Seyu uses partners’ existing IT infrastructure via Seyu platforms to allow fans worldwide to post selfies of stadium LEDs and other digital surfaces during sports events through a moderated channel and then instantly share them on social media with media-branded frames. 

SeYu is part of MSE Hungarian Sport- and Lifestyle Development Cluster.

Spinracing Szolnok- Group Therapy specializes in SpinRacing: coach-led, creative, group, musical, full-body gym bike.

Spinracing Szolnok- Group Therapy is part of MSE Hungarian Sport- and Lifestyle Development Cluster.

You.Fo is an innovative sports and leisure game based throwing an aerodynamic ring with sticks. It requires concentration, strength, flexibility and cooperation. Although the basic skills are easy to learn, YOU.FO will continue to challenge players to improve their skills, and to invent new game concepts.

You.Fo is part of Cluster Sports and Technology.

The startups Athos, Fresh Snow, Greenholds and SeYu will share a stand together at the Brandnew area B2.59 as partners of the European project SmartSports4GoodLife, while the rest of start-ups and companies will have their own space at the fair. 

On Tuesday, 29th November at 13h, SmartSports4GoodLife partners and AFYDAD, will hold the ISPO Networking event at the Paddel Village (C1.516). It will be an opportunity to expand the network of contacts, establish relationships between the rest of the participants with similar professional interests, and generate business opportunities. 

This joint mission is part of the European project SmartSports4GoodLife, co-funded by the COSME programme of the European Union, coordinated by INDESCAT and with the participation of the European sport clusters Cluster Sports & Technology, Cluster Montagne and MSE Cluster and the European platform for innovation in sport EPSI.