After the success of the Webinar for Irish Organizations, EPSI – in conjunction with the European Week of Sport – repeated the experience with Italian Organizations.

In the framework of the European Week of Sport, EPSI organised a special event for Italian Organizations, aimed at creating national synergies and boost project / business creation. The EPSI Italian Webinar, that saw the presence of more than fifty people coming from the Italian sport ecosystem, represented a good opportunity for sharing experiences and understand the expertise of the different EPSI members.

Impact of COVID-19 on the Sport Movement

After an introduction by EPSI Executive Director Alberto Bichi, the stage has been given to a special roundtable moderated by Carlotta Giussani – EPSI Project Manager – about the current situation on the sport movement, with the participation of high-level speakers from the Italian sport system.

Alessandro Veroli (Mate), Roberto Brusati (Mediasport Group) and Matteo Pastore (MGP Sports Consulting), Roberto Pella (ANCI) and Vincenzo Manco (UISP) analysed the impact of COVID19 on the sport movement, touching topics like the importance of sport and education, the absence of audience in stadiums and the rising influence of esports. Speakers analysed risks, but also opportunities, especially for digital strategies.

Sport Funding Opportunities

The second session of the webinar was dedicated to funding opportunities, both from a public and private perspective. EPSI Strategic Consultants Mike Coyne and Valerio di Tommaso (President of ECOS) talked about structural funds at European and National level, while Marco Celi analysed the territorial dimension of sport funding.

Regarding private funds, Michele Tosi from Trentino Sviluppo shared his experience with the Spin Accelerator.

Best practices and future EPSI Italian Webinars

During the final part of the EPSI e-vent, best practices were analysed, with three speakers sharing their expertise with the audience. Rene Wijlens talked about clusters, mentioning Cluster Sports&Technology in the Netherlands. At Italian level, Marco Benedetti talked about ENDU and ENDU Virtual Races as an example of the importance of digital and technologic platforms in sport, while Massimo Rinaldi explained the green circular economy business model, taking as reference the recent LIFE project RESKIBOOT, where EPSI is involved ad partner.

To sum up, EPSI Italian Webinar has been an interesting dialogue with organizations at Italian and European level, in an online experience that – as Alberto Bichi explained in his conclusions – is going to be repeated soon with future thematic webinars on different topics. Thanks to all participants and… stay tuned!

EPSI Italian Webinar Presentations