Creativity has no limits and in the sports ecosystem, innovation is constant, whether it is to improve the performance of athletes themselves, the stimulation of a healthy and active lifestyle or the fan experience.

Public authorities have grasped the relevance of industrial modernization in the sport sector and the importance of sports for vitality of people. Industry-leading companies – together with their entire valuey chains – invest incessantly in their R&D to keep up in the race to innovate, and new projects with the support of public financing emerge seeking to meet needs that remain to be covered. But if there is something they all have in common, it is technology.

What are the key trends in sports tech innovation and how can public authorities support this? What should a startup have to be considered innovative and successful in the sports ecosystem  today? What are the challenges that an entrepreneur must face in the sports sector? How can new business models be created in the need to stimulate healthy active lifestyle? How can Public Private Partnerships shape the future of business developments in the sport sector? How can businesses matchmaking events kick-start economic growth and employment? What economic spill over effects can be sparked by sport in the associated sectors such as tourism, health, transport, nutrition infrastructure building and others.

Co-Innovate in Sport 2019 will be the place in July 2019 to discuss all these issues, to explore innovations and to meet future partners for cooperation in the sports ecosystem.

  • Creating an innovation-friendly environment in sports
  • Technology innovation in sports and its impact on business
  • Sports equipment manufacturing innovation process
  • E-sports innovations
  • Big data & digital in sports
  • Funding innovation in 21st century sports
  • Sports innovation and the future of the human-technology interface
  • How stimulation of active lifestyle can provide business chances
  • Public authorities facilitating innovation in the sports sector
  • What does a Startup Need to SUCCEED in the Sports Industry?
  • Early Stage Innovation and Industry-Academia Collaboration
  • Wearable technologies in sports

For whom?

Why to participate?

  • Companies
  • Showcase your most favourable products and projects
  • Research and innovation organisations
  • Meet face-to-face new partners and customers
  • Universities
  • Initiate cross-border contacts and cooperation
  • Sports organisations/associations
  • Find new commercial/technological/research partners
  • Public authorities
  • Present, discuss and develop new projects.
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