Around 50 participants attended the online event dedicated to business creation for sport organizations coming from Ireland.

Creating business synergies at national and international level, learning from best practices and positive experience. This, in few words, was the first EPSI National Webinar, a new format by the European Platform for Sport Innovation, who last Friday made the debut with a special online event for around 50 participants from Irish Sport Organizations.

The initiative – resulted from our bilateral “Strategic conversations” with some of our Irish members – started with a welcome speech by EPSI Executive Director Alberto Bichi and Cormac MacDonnell (SportIreland), who introduced the different sessions of the webinar.

Mike Coyne (SHARE), Rene Wijlens (EPSI / Cluster Sports&Technology) and Piotr Wiąckiewicz (Verde Cluster) talked about different Clusters experiences in different countries, as well as Harriet Cotter from Enterprise Ireland, who focused on Regional Development Funds at Irish level.

Cormac MacDonnell then opened the floor to all participants, in a interesting round-table that led the discussion to different topics, like definition of hot-spots, work plans and the importance for a cluster to have a well-defined management structure from the beginning.

After a 5-minutes break, Gary Ryan from the University of Limerick started the second part of the webinar, talking about Irish Technology and Innovation in Sport Cluster, with an interactive presentation using MentiMeter tools to engage the audience on the most importance services a Cluster need to provide.

In the audience emerged the will to kick-start an Irish Cluster: sport needs to have a greater importance and – united – we can make the difference. the next steps will lead to this ambitious path.