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The Project

The Sport Innovation Index project aims to assess the innovation level of sport organisations, helping them improve governance, compare results, and excel in innovation. Inspired by the European Innovation Scoreboard and the Dutch Sport Innovation Monitor, the index will help public authorities strengthen their policies in sport innovation. It provides a quick innovation self-assessment tool for local and regional sport organizations, small businesses, and public and private organizations, while mapping sport innovation throughout Europe.

project summary

This project aims to create a tool to assess the degree of innovation of sport organisations, with the overall goal of helping them to improve their governance, to compare innovative results in time or vis-a-vis other organisations, to excel in innovation and establish the new state of the art. The sport innovation index will also help public authorities (e.g. municipalities, regions but also ministries of sports) in strengthening and improving their policies in the field of sport innovation. The project is inspired by the European Innovation Scoreboard and built upon the model of the Dutch Sport Innovation Monitor, whose creators are part of this consortium. Similarly, the Sport Innovation Index aims to determine precise indicators to ascertain the innovation capacity of sport-related organisations. However, the Sport Innovation Index project seeks to go beyond a pure analysis of sport innovation performance. It aims to create a quick innovation self-assessment tool (a platform) for local and regional sport organisations, small business and public and private organisations in general. By going through an instant diagnosis of their degree of innovation, users will also receive information and guidance on how to improve their governance in the domain of innovation. Moreover, by collecting users’ data, we aim to map sport innovation throughout Europe.

Project Objectives

The overall objective is setting up a process that will drive increased innovation in sports organisations.

Objective 1

 Understanding the current landscape of sport innovation measurement methods and indicators

Objective 2

Identifying and collecting the bottom-up expectations of the index in sport
federations/associations, SMEs/clusters and municipalities

Objective 3

Identifying the elements that can allow the measurement of innovation management for sport related entities

Objective 4

Promoting the capacity of sport-related organisation of assessing their own capability of managing innovation

Erasmus+ Sport, 2021-2027
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