Take-back and re-use system from ski boot rentals for sorting and recycling of multiplastics components.

The Project

RESKIBOOT targets the problem of plastics waste management with a new model applied to ski boot construction.

Project summary

RESKIBOOT value proposition is the provision of high-quality and cost-competitive ski boots made with recycled materials zeroing plastic post-processing waste and decreasing end-of-life disposal with the implementation of a take-back and re-use service for post-consumer ski boots. 

General Objectives

  • Launch on the market of ski boots made with about 90% of recycled raw materials (both for the construction of the external part and the internal part).
  • Manufacture 1.000 pairs of ski boots, characterize and use them on real slopes.
  • Develop an optimized manufacturing process for ski boots using about 90% recycled raw materials and eliminating processing offcuts.
  • Define a circular economy business model for ski rentals.
  • Define a new service for rentals to re-use the hard-outer shell and substitute the internal liner.
  • Get an at least 7% reduction of ski boot final cost.
  • Measure the environmental and circularity performance of the new product system and show the improvement compared to the current baseline situation.
  • Provide guidelines for market replication of ski boots.
  • Realize a certified environmental product declaration of the new ski boot and provide product category rules for other ski boots producers.

The Partnership


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