Empowering Women in Sport Events in Europe

The Project

EWSE promotes the creation of a European network of women sport events to enhance positive their social, economic and cultural impacts.

Project summary

EWSE aim at promoting the creation and development of a European network of women sport events and festivals in Europe to enhance their positive social, economic and cultural impacts on women in sport, increasing the sustainability of these events in their different aspects (economic, social, environmental sustainability) and using the potential of connection and impact of Mass Participation Sporting Events (MPSEs) beyond the events themselves to boost the role of women in sport as a factor of change.

General Objectives

  • To promote a European network of women sport festivals and events to create an innovative networking model that can boost equality in sport leadership, visibility and representation of women sport, promoting accessibility for all and environmental sustainability as key assets.

The Partnership


Full List of Partners

P1: ASSIST, Italy

P2: Alice Milliat Association (FAM), France

P3: European Platform for Sport Innovation (EPSI), Belgium

P4: Vienna Institute for International Dialogue and Cooperation (VIDC), Austria.

P5: Irish Wheelchair Association (IWA), Ireland.

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