EPSI network increases its numbers and now has 132 members from 24 countries!

EPSI network increases its numbers and has two great members: Let’s meet them.


ART-ER Attractiveness Research Territory is the Emilia-Romagna Joint Stock Consortium born with the purpose of fostering the region’s sustainable growth by developing innovation and knowledge, attractiveness and internationalization of the territory.


Aalborg Football Club of 1885 was founded on 13 May 1885 and has its registered office at Hornevej 2 in Aalborg East.

The association is run by a volunteer board, which, together with a host of volunteer managers and coaches, contributes to creating a positive sports and sports environment. AaB’s purpose is to participate in competitive sports and promote the general interest in sports, youth, and leisure work. We strive to offer the best environment for those who want to be part of the Aalborg Football Club of 18885‘s community and to be an association where well-being, social relations, development, and physical development are paramount.

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