We say “Hello!” to new members from Italy, Belgium, and Serbia!


EPSI grew bigger in both quantity and quality by adding three amazing organizations as new members. Here is more information about them: 

Factor 23

 Factor 23 deals with innovative metabolic analyzes for professional and amateur athletes. The algorithmic analysis of the results allows them to create personalized nutritional programs. The company, therefore, specializes in precision dietetics. The main goal is to improve sports performance by optimizing the relationship between food, training, and competition.

Forward Sports

Forward Sports connects people through sports. They have started Circle Park Sports Arena in Brussels, a community sports project, connecting more than 3000 people from all over Europe through sports.

Serbian Water Polo Federation

The Serbian Water Polo Federation organizes the Serbian Water polo League A -the highest level of men’s water polo in Serbia.

 And you? Do you wish to join our network? Please do not hesitate to contact us.