Project partners are ready to promote sports excellence all over Europe’s regions.

The first step is done: last week, on the 7th and the 8th of February, the Erasmus+ project named “SESE – Sharing European Sports Excellence” in which EPSI is partner, inaugurated its outset with the first in-person meeting in Drenthe Province, in The Nederlands. EPSI attended the event together with the other project partners, ACES Europe (Belgium), Lapland University (Finland), Sport Azores (Azores) and Medimurje County (Croatia). All the partners were hosted by the project leader Sport Drenthe, representing the relative province as well as the other institutions.

The Kick-off meeting in Drenthe of the SESE project was the starting point for building fruitful cooperation between the project partners and their regions. From this international network’s perspective, the project’s main goal is to create the first European network of areas based on an interregional value chain in the sports field. The objective is to promote excellence in Sports Policies by providing a methodological framework to operate at a transnational level.

The first day, the 7th was dedicated to introducing the agreement and the application, with a discussion of the project idea, methods, and objectives. All this into a unique hosting location: Drents Museum of Assen. Then, the meeting continued at Emmem where partners presented the work package they’re in charge of, charting the path to achieve project objectives. On the second day, the 8th, the SESE project was presented with a press conference at TT-circuit Goldclub at Assen, a symbolic location for the kick-off meeting given its sporting significance. Hans Derks, manager of Sports Drenthe, held the conference with the Deputy of Drenthe Hank Brink, and the President of EPSI Alberto Bichi. After that, each partner had a presentation of their organization and their representing regions talking about their aims and some proud-making examples.

This meeting has just been the starting point, that has demonstrated Drenthe Province, EPSI and all the others want to promote a constant collaboration with local authorities to permit the promotion of sports initiatives and a shared methodology of Sport Excellence. With this first meeting, partners agreed to develop a detailed cooperation model that can be relevant both for the regions involved in the project and for the stakeholders, in order to engage people increasingly in sports all over Europe. Furthermore, it will be defined all the activities of the project over the next months.

The next physical project meeting of SESE will take place in the Azores, during the annual conference of EPSI. Know more about this event you also can attend by clicking on this link, and stay up-to-date on the SESE project at