Eurisy and the European Platform for Sport Innovation (EPSI) have signed a strategic partnership to build a new cooperation around satellite-based innovations for sport.

Both Eurisy and EPSI are non profit networking organisations within Europe striving for a more innovation-friendly environment. EPSI focusses on the areas of physical activity related to sport, leisure, and healthy lifestyle. It works with both private and public entities operating in the field of sport to set up projects and innovative businesses with a cross sectoral focus. Eurisy raises awareness of the benefits of satellite-based applications for a diverse range of societal professional segments. It stimulates dialogue and collaboration between public institutions, SMEs, industry and academia from the space and non-space sectors, encouraging innovative uses of satellite applications to respond to today’s challenges. EPSI and Eurisy are now joining forces to boost the integration of satellite-based datasets into the sport domain at large. Both entities will provide mutual support for the benefit of the EU sports ecosystem.

Eurisy has been exploring many sectors of use of satellite applications. The association has a broad portfolio of activities related to smart citieshealth and culture, among other. One of its most recent thematic areas is Space4Sports. Sport has become an important economic sector in modern society, and space has definitely a role in it. Satellite imagery can provide geographical (e.g. elevation, route conditions, sea state) and environmental (e.g. weather, air quality, temperature) information relevant for sports activities and the performance of athletes, as well as for planning, operations and condition-based maintenance of sports facilities and equipment (e.g. golf courses, ski slopes, virtual environments). Wearables relying on satellite navigation offer reliable performance data by tracking the activity of individuals, equipment, vehicles, and animals, but also support the geo-localisation of and routing to events and facilities. Satellite communication enables the provision of connectivity, e.g. live transmission of sport events and communication within or to remote and sparsely inhabited places, and securing the safety of athletes at all times even in the most remote places. Whether for active participation or passively following as a spectator of sporting events, the modern sport sector needs space data.

By building solid relations with communities new to space, Eurisy reaches to end-user communities to better understand their needs and challenges. It is in this context that Eurisy and EPSI will be working together. Both entities envisage the organisation of common events between the EPSI and Eurisy communities so as to boost SMEs development and project creation among their members. 

Sport is a growing factor in Europe’s economy and society. At the same time, the collaboration between EPSI and Eurisy will not be limited to sport. Looking at the bigger picture, the two organisations will aim to support each other in several neighbouring topics. The objective of the partnership is to bring networks within the space and sport ecosystems closer together in order to boost innovative practices. Target areas will be identified according to the interest of the member and can range from tourism, education, fan engagement, regulation, safety and transport systems, to name a few.