In the framework of the Project “European Alliance for Sport and Mental Health, a contest for creating a logo for this project has been launched. EASMH is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme and it is aimed at promoting sport for mental health.

Every project needs a logo, to enforce visually the spirit of the activities embodied by the activities carried out by the promoting organization. EASMH (European Alliance for Sport and Mental Health) Project is not an exception. That’s why ECOS – on behalf of the project consortium – has recently launched a contest for graphic designers and creatives.

The deadline for presenting proposals is 31st May and all logos can be submitted through a specific page on ECOS website. The author of the best logo will win a prize of € 250 and have a special mention on the project website.

Submit your proposal


EASMH project encourages participation in sport and physical activity (PA) since it aims at increasing awareness an skills among mental health professionals and sport professionals, for the development of new sport-based integrated recovery and rehabilitation models – under a biopsychosocial framework – for people with mental disorders.

The project will increase the participation in sport of people with mental health problems, in different stages and clinical conditions, and in different EU countries through the promotion – in a proper, stable and organised way – of structured PA programs for the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of mental disorders. The project is based on awareness-raising activities focused on the added value of sport and physical activity in psychiatry and on activities that promote innovative synergies between sport organisations and health sector.