Last 9th December, the international gathering of partners of Multisport Community Experience Project took place in Milan.

This meeting was the first opportunity for all partners to meet in person, as the Kick-Off Meeting took place online due to Covid-19 restrictions regarding travelling. For this reason, this meeting was hosted by the coordinating partner, L’Orma, in their facilities and it started with a brief presentation of all project managers and their organizations. Antonies Hatzige, from the University of Thessaly, joined the meeting through the online platform ZOOM, as he was unable of attending it physically.

After taking some group pictures, L’Orma’s president, Paolo Menescardi, performed a review of the project’s goals, actions, and state of development. The objective was to situate the attendees in the context of the meeting, showing at which point they are regarding the original timeline. Basically, the main activities carried out until this point were:  creation of the dissemination and quality plan;  implementation  of the initial research and writing of the index  (Intellectual Output 1) and the design and initial development of the online platform and app (I.O.2).Followed by this, the next steps of work were also presented (International training; local multisport competition; finalization and evaluation of intellectual outputs, etc.) with their expected dates of implementation.

The University of Thessaly then carried out an exposition of I.O.1, the Multisport Community Index, which was elaborated based on the research results. As a summary, an online survey was carried out in the partner countries and, following an algorithm that divided the participant population in different social groups (gender, age group, occupation, weight, and BMI,  etc.),  the amount of physical activity and calorie expenditure was analysed. The question at this moment was how to incorporate all these variables and the quality factors (social, creative, and reflexive dimension) in the app (I.O.2), therefore, partners discussed about this difficulty and how to approach it with the app developer, Kinetic Analysis.

Some time was then dedicated to talk about the dissemination. The logo and social media pages/profiles had already been stablished and the promotional strategies, which are managed by EPSI, were reviewed. 

The next meeting will be held in Greece by University of Thessaly in June/July 2022 and we are already looking forward to meet again!