It’s a 2022 full of new projects for the European Platform for Sport Innovation, with six new initiatives seeing the involvement of our #InnovateSport organization.

This year the European Platform for Sport Innovation is directly involved in five new projects granted by the European Commission, four under the Erasmus+ Sport Programme and one under Horizon Europe. Moreover, we facilitated the realisation of a sixth ambitious projects, realised in the framework of our network.

This is an impressive result that shows once more how innovation is a central tool for promoting physical activity in Europe. All these initiatives are indeed focused on promoting an innovative approach in sport, in all its dimensions. Let’s see them in detail:

SPEX (Erasmus Plus Sport)

Name: SportKompas Exergame: activating more children to engage in sports 

Description: The goal of this project is to introduce an innovative and science-based method in European countries to activate more children (age 8-10 years) to sports, and to improve their motor skills with digital Exergames.

FAMS (Erasmus Plus Sport)

Name: Fostering FemAle Management leaders in SportS 

Description: This project aims at balancing the under-representation of women and mothers in sport, thus pursuing the promotion of employability through sport and the encouragement of social inclusion and equal opportunities in sport. FAMS aims at fostering gender equality in sports coaching and teaching and attaining equal representation and gender sensitivity in decision-making. 

EYOUACA (Erasmus Plus Sport)

Name: E-learning YOUth ACAdemy of grassroots sport 

Description: This project aims at developing an innovative curriculum of “young leader in grassroots sport management at national and international level”. The curriculum is composed of e-training modules and 1 e-internship module in which young trainees are asked to cooperate with their organisations in order to put in practice what they learned developing innovative sport activities for children from 5 to 11 years old.

PROGRESS (Erasmus Plus Sport)

Name: Promoting Green Strategies in Sport 

Description: This project focuses on the promotion of parent-child outdoor physical activity in South-East Europe through the use of new technologies and gamified activities.

SENIOR-ECO-NECT (Horizon Europe)

Name: Preparation of a joint action plan to support the emergence and growth of silver ECOnomy EuropeanECOsystems and strengthening their efficiency, capacity, interconNECTivity and inclusivity.

Description: The project will prepare a joint action plan to support the emergence and the development of European ecosystems dedicated to silvereconomy as well as ensuring the inclusivity and interconnectivity between all the key innovation stakeholders of the sector and cross-sectors

Moreover, a sixth project needs to be mentioned, since, even if not as a partner, EPSI and its network have been playing a pivotal role in its creation.

PLAYS (Erasmus Plus Project)

This project is led by EPSI member University of Constanta and developed by EPSI Partner ECOS, aimed at encouraging the participation in sport ad physical activity by creating and sharing at national and EU level a very specific, science based, step-by-step action plan and training programme based on fun and playful activities, to involve youngsters aged 6-12 in practicing structured exercise, and to help parents, trainers and educators in encouraging the participation of youngsters in regular physical activity for their psychophysical and social well-being.

We are looking forward to start these new projects’ activities  in the following weeks!