Two days of meetings, social activities and a lot of #BeActive promotion. In few words, this is the summary of the European Key Players’ Seminar that took place in Sintra (Portugal) last 23-24 May.

The European Platform for Sport Innovation attended the event through the presence of the Executive Director Alberto Bichi, who had the opportunity to hear the latest news and strategies prepared by the European Commission and the #BeActive Communication team, in order to spread the events taking place next September.

Ignazio Cocchiere, Matteo Zacchetti and Paola Ottonello, with the help of the #BeActive communication team, guided the participants – both Partners of the European Week Of Sport and the National Coordinator Bodies – through communication strategies, events and themes of the fifth edition of the Week, that will be hosted from 23 to 30 September 2019.

The main themes are particularly interesting, with four topics to focus: education, workpace, outdoors, sports clubs and fitness centres. Definitely something to pay attention from now until the beginning of the Week, that this year will be officially opened in Espoo, Finland.

This year edition will have the support of several features that were a success in the past editions, such as #BeActive Ambassadors and the #BeActive Awards, with the innovation of new ideas, such as the #BeActive Playlists, with 5 songs chosen by each countries that will be “anthems” of the events.

During the second day of the Seminar, two events were shown as best practices: the European School Sport Day, focused on dedicating a special day making young students do physical activities for two hours at schools; and the Social Biking Challenge, an innovative approach to promote physical activities with the support of a special mobile application that caught EPSI attention.

For these two days, Partners and National Body Coordinators worked as a common team, proposing ideas and features to coordinate their messages on their channels and social medias. Mr. Alberto Bichi, as well as other participants, played his part in the team building activities too, who took place in the beach near Sintra. This part of the seminar contributed to build a great team spirit, that will be surely crucial for the months to come. #BeActive!