On 30th September, the joint EPoSS-EPSI sessions analysed Smart Systems for Health, Active Living and Sport Applications. A special brokerage event took place in the afternoon.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, EPoSS – The European Technology Platform on Smart Systems Integration – held its Annual Forum as a digital conference, organised last 29-30 September in collaboration with the European Platform for Sport Innovation, in conjuction with the European Week of Sport. The event has been hosted by EPoSS member Hahn-Schickard and supported by microTEC Südwest.

Smart Systems to #BeActive

After a very interesting first day, where high level speakers analysed Smart Systems from different perspectives, like Green Deal, Artificial Intelligence at the Edge and on Smart Solutions for Industry 4.0, the second day, the 30th September, was then dedicated to the joint EPoSS-EPSI Sessions.

Smart Systems for Health, Active Living and Sports Applications have been the main topics of the event. A special session about COVID-19 took place too, chaired in the morning by EPSI Executive Director Alberto Bichi, who presented the idea to create a joint EPoSS-EPSI working group on Smart Systems for Sports and vitality.

EPSI Executive Director Rene Wijlens moderated the afternoon session on Sport Applications.

EPSI-EPoSS Brokerage Event

The last part of this digital event was represented by a Brokerage Event co-organised by EPSI and EPoSS, where attendees had the opportunity to split in three virtual rooms, analysing possible projects and business opportunities in the different fields.

This part was particularly interactive and participants had the opportunity to show their interest guided by moderators of the sessions: “Smart Systems to overcome COVID-19” (with Alberto Bichi – EPSI and Elisabeth Steimetz – EPoSS), “Smart Systems for Sport and Vitality” (with Carlotta Giussani – EPSI and Petra Weiler – EPoSS) and Smart Systems for Sports Applications (with René Wijlens – EPSI and Monika Curto Fuentes – EPoSS).

The European Platform for Sport Innovation kindly thank their partners from EPoSS, all speakers, moderators and participants for their active role in this event. We are looking forward for further cooperation opportunities.