Another big event where SmartSport4GoodLife showcases companies in the sport industry!

From the 30th of January to the 01st of February, the partners of the European project SmartSports4GoodLife, composed by the sports industry clusters INDESCAT, Cluster Sports & Technology, Cluster Montagne and MSE Cluster and the European Platform for Sport Innovation EPSI, will travel to Barcelona. The main goal of the Exchange is to visit the ISE fair, the main professional event in the world of audio and video systems. We will organise an international guided tour and visit those companies focused on the sport industry where will have the chance to meet the latest technologies.

On Monday 30th of January SmartSports4GoodLife partners will meet at ACCIO, the Catalan Government’s Agency for business competitiveness, where we will do the final conference event and present the outcomes of the project, as this will be the last exchange of the partnership. We will debate about the future collaboration and will finish with a presentation by Carles Gomera, about the Metaverse and Gamming.

The 31st of January we will visit the D Factory, the hub for the creation of an ecosystem to encourage the promotion and development of 4.0 industry. Leitat will introduce us the companies and we will be able to meet some of the key players. During the visit to Barcelona, the partnership will visit companies from the esport environment such as BIG C and ASOBU.

The visit to the ISE fair will be on the 1st February, which will suppose the last activity

Apart of the clusters, SMEs that will be present at the exchange are the following:

Szilícium Mező Cluster Ltd.: The main objective of the Szilícium Mező Cluster is to create an IT complex – relying on the material and intellectual resources of the Észak-Alföld region – where the full innovation process can take place, starting from the emergence of ideas to the production and the support of sales.


Szilícium Mező Cluster Ltd. is part of MSE Hungarian Sport and Lifestyle Development Cluster

E-vents: is a company that has more than 10 years of experience in organizing competitions for various eSports games. It is responsible for unique events in Hungary in numerous esport games.


E-vents is part of MSE Hungarian Sport and Lifestyle Development Cluster

DEAC Sport Nonprofit Kft: Is an association responsible for university sports in Debrecen. Goals include nurturing talent, recognizing talent and supporting its development. DEAC provides students with the opportunity to play sports, by providing regular physical education, mass sports and competitive sports.


DEAC Sport Nonprofit Kft is part of MSE Hungarian Sport and Lifestyle Development Cluster

Van Abbe. Sound nerd & visual artist Albert van Abbe has just about covered the whole field of electronic music over the course of the last 21 years. From this he pursues innovation in soundscaping, not only for entertainment, but also as a support for human performance, e.g. in sports. For this he has started collaboration with Cluster Sports and Technology, as well as with sports federations, to create a new stimulating music environment to enhance performance training in cyclic sports (running, swimming, cycling, etc).

Van Abbe is part of Cluster Sports & Technology 
Tignes DéveloppementA company whose main mission is to ensure the development of the tourist destination of Tignes. It carries all the services enhancing the attractiveness of Tignes, an internationally renowned ski resort, the tourism office, an abundance of sporting and cultural activities offered all year round, large-scale indoor and outdoor events, promotion, communication and marketing of Tignes.
Tignes Développement is part of Cluster Montage. 

This joint mission is part of the European project SmartSports4GoodLife, co-funded by the COSME programme of the European Union, coordinated by INDESCAT and with the participation of the European Sport Clusters: Cluster Sports & Technology, Cluster Montagne and MSE Cluster and the European platform for Sport Innovation EPSI.