SportFieldLabs in the picture as centres of innovation

Euronews used the Profit project, based on the field lab in Eindhoven as an example of a project to stimulate regional innovation and growth. Several EPSI partners are part of this project, that is lead by Sports&Technology. See the item here.

The Profit project aims to stimulate innovation and new business creation in the sports industry by developing an international network of FieldLabs. A FieldLab for sports innovation is a research and development location in a real-life setting where citizens engage in sports & play activities and where businesses can test their product prototypes. ProFit is a vision, a methodology, a network and a project. Governments, businesses, research institutes, NGO’s and other parties involved in sport stimulation, product innovation and business creation are invited to get involved in the ProFit project.  The breading place of this project is the City of Eindhoven, where Sports&Technology initiated the field lab concept.

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