The Liguria Region, renowned for its natural landscape and sports facilities, is set to be evaluated by a committee in Genova, Italy, for the ‘European Region of Sport 2025’ award, recognizing its potential for sports innovation.

From the sea to the mountains, from playgrounds to parks and trails, the Liguria Region takes advantage of its wide natural landscape and sports facilities to showcase its territory as a valuable candidate for ACES Europe’s recognized award. From the 22nd to the 26th of September in Genova (Italy), a dedicated committee will evaluate the application of the Region Liguria to be designated as ‘European Region of Sport 2025’, a title that could recognize its capacity to be a landmark for sports innovation in terms of facilities, infrastructures, events and opportunities. 

Through its candidacy to become the European Region of Sport 2025, Region Liguria presents its territory as a valuable mark on the map of sports in Europe, which already sees Genoa as the European City of Sports 2024. ACES Europe, the non-profit association which assigns every year the recognitions of World Capital, European Capital, Region, City, Island, Community and Town of Sport, asked once again EPSI – European Platform for Sport Innovation – to be on the evaluation committee for the Liguria Region. 

EPSI in the Evaluation Committee

Alberto Bichi, Executive Director of EPSI, will examine the project candidacy of the Liguria Region on behalf of EPSI among the other committee’s organizations, in the light of the strategic partnership among EPSI and ACES Europe and EPSI participation at the Ocean Race in Genoa last June. “We are proud to be on the evaluation committee for the Liguria Region – points out Mr. Bichi –. EPSI’s goal is to bring innovation to the sport sector. We strive to break new ground in this industry also being a sports evaluation entity, thanks to our expertise in running about 30 European projects co-funded by the EC and having almost 150 European entities as members”. 

EPSI recognizes the importance of incorporating local communities and Regions in the innovation process, as their unique insights and needs can lead to groundbreaking advancements in sports technology and practices. Some examples are the Erasmus+ SESE, InShape and Sports Innovation Index projects, which the latter has just been granted by the European Commission. All of them indeed will help public authorities (such as municipalities, regions and ministries of sports) in strengthening and improving their policies in the field of sports innovation. 

The candidacy 

Regione Liguria has submitted its proposal to promote physical activity focusing especially on outdoor sports that people can practice all year round. The Region claims to work in order to promote and implement regional sports policies, and remarks itself as fifth in the ranking sport density index in Italy, according to the number of registered athletes per discipline. 

Regione Liguria’s candidacy will receive the final response at the end of October

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