At the beginning of 2023 six new Erasmus + projects with a total budget of 2 400 000 EUR where EPSI partners will start.

So far 2022 has been a great year for EPSI. We soon announced that the network now numbers 132 partners from 24 countries but we continue our success together. Our organization will be part of six different project consortiums that aim to adress different challenges and perspectives in the scope of Erasmus+ funded projects. Here is some information about them: 

HIEP (Handball International Education Project

The “Handball International Education Project” seeks to address the social issues of low sports activity amongs population and overweight in children under 5 years of age by developing handball as it represents a suitable tool to promote the sport in children and young people. You can learn more about the project and the partnership here

SCROE (Strategy and Capacity building for Ovidio Running in Europe)

SCORE intends to develop an organizational model for sporting events, sustainable, digital, inclusive, and linked to cultural elements characteristic of the local territory. The project intends to replicate the successful initiative of Ovidio Running in both Romania and Greece. Educational institutes will be the promoters of this initiative aimed at spreading culture, universal values, and passion for sport among the new generations. Students will compete and be strongly involved within the organization of the whole event, becoming the real protagonists of every phase of the project implementation. You can learn more about the project and the partnership here.

DIGIFIT (Fit for the Digital Age)

Digifit addresses the E+ priorities of digital transformation through development of digital readiness, resilience and capacity and to promote skills development of sport staff. The project will develop digital skills and competencies with organisations and individuals involved for Europe’s future sustainable growth and cohesion. You can learn more about the project and the partnership here.  


SESE projects promotes transnational cooperation, improving the capacity of public and private stakeholders to operate in a challenging environment through the promotion of the concept of Excellence in sports from a cross-sectorial perspective, developing joint strategies with other areas and interest groups and promoting sports in new areas, among others Health, Labour, Family and Risk of Social Exclusion. You can learn more about the project and partnership here. 


The Sport Transparency Index project (Sport T-Index) has been devised to help support integrity interventions at the most fundamental level. The project will help by benchmarking sport stakeholders including clubs, leagues, national associations and international governing bodies using universally applicable and appropriate criteria to evaluate, compare and contrast them against basic integrity-related transparency indicators. You can learn more about the project and the partnership here


RE-TRAIN project aims at Encouraging healthy lifestyles for all, specially to support the implementation of the European Week of Sport by fostering innovation and developing new models and programs capable to stimulate the participation of citizens in sport and physical activity in the post-pandemic era. You can learn more about the project and the partnership here

We at EPSI are really excited and can’t wait to start working on these projects with our amazing partners!