Invitation for the ProFit FieldLabs event, 25-26 June 2013 in Kortrijk, Belgium

The ProFit project is one of the projects which originates from the EPSI community. ProFit aims to stimulate innovation in the sports and play industry by developing an international network of FieldLabs.

Two years ago the network development was started with Kortrijk, Sheffield, Delft, Belfast and Eindhoven joining. At the ProFit FieldLabs event the project results and insights on recognising and building business opportunities in sports innovation will be demonstrated. New approaches in spatial development for sports and play and social interaction will also be showcased.

At the ProFit FieldLabs event you will be more than just a spectator. Cities, businesses, research institutes, NGOs, and other bodies concerned with sport stimulation, product innovation, and business creation, are invited to get involved in the ProFit project. Please join us in our discussions and networking activities to develop the vision for FieldLabs through to 2020!

see for more details on the program and for registration:

ProFit Invitation – INNOVATION for SPORTS and PLAY


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