Road to Olympics

The Project

Cognitive and mental training to Ukrainian athletes using Neurotraker’s methodology is what the International Center (ES) and all the project partners strive to do with the Road to Olympic project, to guide the pre-Olympic athletes to perform the best way for their future competitions. Thanks to the RtO project, Ukrainian  athletes and coaches affected by the current conflict in their country can increase their multitasking capacity and the ability to make quick decisions in high-pressure environments. Furthermore, the project aims to extend the methodology not only to Ukrainian athletes but also to all high-level sports professionals in Europe.

project summary

The project aims at providing advanced cognitive and mental training to European high-level athletes and to a number of Ukrainian athletes based on the methodology developed by International Center, named  Neurotraker. The proven benefits of Cognitive Training and the unfortunate situation Ukrainian sports professionals are facing, inspired the International Center to make its methodology available to those athletes who due to the conflict are facing a worsening in their performance or that in general are interested in learning more about CT and feel the need to boost their cognitive skills. The methodology will be adapted to the needs of the participants and implemented throughout the project lifetime. The Ukrainian athletes and coaches will be hosted by the project partners on the occasion of the two training weeks where they will be involved – first in Spain, then in Greece – in the training sessions. The project outcomes will be scientifically evaluated. Lastly, a collection of guidelines on cognitive and mental training will be elaborated to give a Europe-wide resonance to the importance of cognitive and mental training. The involvement of Ukrainian athletes and coaches will be ensured by the presence within the project Consortium of the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine. In a spirit of inclusion and aggregation, the project’s scope is also to extend this methodology to  non only Ukrainian athletes and coaches but to all high-level sports professionals in Europe.

Project Objectives

The scope of the project is to offer an innovative training programme to Ukrainian athletes and coaches, which is based on the International Center’s methodology, that includes and combines Mind Coaching techniques, state-of-the-art cognitive training tools, and specific, continuous, and personalized plan adjusted to the needs of the participants and their training objectives. Coaches and athletes will be trained on how to apply this methodology, replicate it in the future and make the best out of it.


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