Multisport Community Experience

The Project

Multisport Community Experience (MCE) is a social-innovation sport project based on collective “movement” competition”

Project summary

The Multisport Community Experience is a complex and entertaining activity-game for all age groups regardless of their previous sport experience. Its goal is to stimulate people to do more exercise, be more active in a fun, sociable and competitive way. The core of this game is communities competing with each other. Each community has a team which consists of 500 participants and it should reflect the demographics of the community.

The members can register their physical activities using portable devices, the system stores all data and provides real time cumulative activities at city level, so the cities have the possibility to compete with each other. This element adds an extra incentive for people to participate in this game.

General Objectives

  • Engage more people in sport and physical activities;
  • Raise the collective awareness of Social Innovations;
  • Build a Platform that help the users to live a healthier life, to be more active and to engage in more community activities.
  • Activate a motivational mechanism. The program can be done whenever and wherever, there are no limits or excuses to do physical exercises. The app gives credit for the social interactions and it encourages community building, even in the comfort of our homes as now it is the case with the spreading of the corona virus.

The Partnership


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Full List of Partners

L’ORMA S.S.D. a.r.l. (Italy)

NGO NEST Berlin (Germany)

University of Thessaly (Greece)

European Platform for Sport Innovation (Belgium)

Dubrovnik sport’s Association – DSA (Croatia)

Bulgarian Sports Development Association (Bulgaria)

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