The Project

The Enhance Sustainable Measures In Sports Facilities (ESMIS) project is a collaborative effort aimed at fostering sustainability, inclusivity, and innovation within sports facilities across Europe. The project endeavours to address the pressing need for intervention in sports facilities to facilitate a green transition. Through the development of tools, guidelines, and knowledge-sharing platforms, ESMIS aims to empower sports facilities to adopt sustainable practices, driving positive change in the sports sector and beyond.

project summary

The traditional model of sports facilities has faced increasing scrutiny due to its significant environmental impact and vulnerability to global challenges such as climate change. Recognizing the urgency of addressing these issues, the Enhance Sustainable Measures In Sports Facilities (ESMIS) project aims to pioneer a new era of sustainable sports facilities across Europe. Employing a multifaceted approach, the project meticulously maps existing sustainable practices, conducts workshops to identify pressing challenges and areas for improvement, and develops comprehensive benchmark studies and practical guidelines. Additionally, ESMIS leverages interactive tools to disseminate knowledge effectively throughout the sports community. By inspiring and empowering sports facilities to embrace sustainability, the project seeks to foster greater community engagement and catalyse positive outcomes across environmental, social, and economic dimensions. Through collaborative efforts, ESMIS endeavours to lead the way towards a more sustainable future for sports facilities in Europe.

Project Objectives

1. EU Guidelines

Develop tools and guidelines to facilitate knowledge sharing and technological advancements across the EU. Guidelines aims at empowering sports facilities and stakeholders to implement successful sustainable measures effectively. They will distil lessons learned from the project and incorporate innovative measures, serving as a cornerstone reference document for the sports sector.

2. Workshops

Organize workshops with relevant stakeholders to identify challenges and needs in advancing towards sustainable sports facilities.

3. Interactive tools

Develop a benchmarking study and an interactive map to showcase best practices and raise awareness of sustainable measures deployed in sports facilities across Europe.

4. sustainable practices toolkit

Implement and test a diverse toolkit to support sustainable practices in sports facilities, complemented by a series of webinars and seminars for mutual learning and inspiration among sports facilities.

Handball Festival – Rimini (Italy), July 2023. The HIEP project was officially promoted by FIGH, the Italian Federation of Handball Games, during the event. 

Erasmus+ Sport, 2021-2027
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