During last month, the consortium has been collecting designs and proposals by participants coming from all around the World: the winner is Arne Lawrence Sarmiento, who designed the best logo according to our jury.

The moment has arrived: WISE project has now logo, a visual image that embodies the spirit of this gender equality project co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. After one month of collecting design proposal, the jury composed by one member for each organisation of the consortium, decided the winner.

The winning logo was designed by Arne Lawrence Samierto, who described the concept using the words “simplicity” and “dynamism”. The logo is indeed a combination of a word mark and a symbol: the word mark is the acronym WISE, staying for Women’s Involvement in Steady Exercise, the full name of the project.

The symbol is the letter “S” taking the form of a young woman in a dynamic position, to convey energetic activity and movement.

Congratulations to the winner ant thanks to all participants for their inspiring proposals.