The Handball Federation announces a strategic partnership with the EPSI member, a pioneer in the field of sports and technology. [responsivevoice_button voice=”UK English Female” buttontext=”Listen to the article (click again to stop)”]

Impressive result reached by the EPSI Member SPOBI. The Hellenic Handball Federation has announced the birth of a cooperation strategy with the EPSI Member, through a press release that we are happy to share:

The Handball Federation is officially announcing the launch of a strategic partnership with Spobi GmbH, a pioneer in the field of sports and technology. 

The application called “SPOBI”, created by the SPOBI team (SportsBeingIntelligent), is fully applicable to the sport of handball and we are sure to be a valuable tool in the hands of every coach and athlete. 
It is a completely free application that anyone can easily download to their mobile phone.

It has all the necessary functions to organize the coach, the athlete, each club’s sporting activity, the full potential of each team and much more. With professional tools being overpriced and of limited capacity, we believe that with SPOBI every athlete for our youth teams will be helped to excel at what they do. 

We are now living in a technological age and always driven by the love and values that govern the Federation and our favorite sport, we can only choose the right means for us to move into the digital age of sports.


Hellenic Handball Federation (HHF)