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Professionalizing grassroots sports and rewarding hard work and progress: The New SPOBI App will Make it Happen 

The new SPOBI App is a truly comprehensive system designed to help and cheer the sporting spirit of grassroots athletes, teams, sports clubs and coaches by covering all their practical needs and steaming up their motivation. 

Every day, athletes, their families, coaches, teams struggle to achieve better and better performance. They deserve to have their lives made easier. 

SPOBI (an abbreviation which stands for Sports Being Intelligent) is a sport-tech and marketing company based in Frankfurt am MainThe app is Apple and Android compatible and can link to professional tracking devices, like Fieldwiz, Mac-Lloyd sport as well as Garmin, Fitbit, Apple watches and other wearables. It combines software for data tracking, scheduling and messaging with a unique challenge and reward system. It extends to all kinds of sport. 

The app is an easy to use system with all you need to organize sporting activity. Users will find it takes just minutes to create a profile and start linking with their coach, teammates, partners, and everyone in their wider family in sport. A simple to use application will trigger a dramatic decrease of organizational redundancy. It will provide a crystal clear oversight of performance data, the analysis of which is indispensable for efforts to improve. Coaches, athletes, club managers and players will be able to track times, distances, routes and scores, as well as set targets, run their calendar, schedule meetings and games, send messages and reminders, and connect to social media – at no cost! Performance data are neatly transmitted from wearables or entered into the system by coaches. 

These data are the basis for the app’s unique challenge and reward system. The purpose is to inspire to break records, set new personal bests, outplay opponents or try a new route or distance. Succeeding is coming with a reward. And reward in SPOBI means great products in discounts or even cash returns. 

From 4th October 2019, SPOBI will be available for free download from the website –

The use is subscription-free for private users, with no hidden commissions or fees. For teams and clubs, only premium features offering multiple benefits are chargeable. 

From 1st September 2019 there will be prizes for earlybird users – the first 10,000 people to pre-register and sign up will participate in a lottery to win 500 fitness wearables provided by Garmin. 

SPOBI is for people who want to #changethegame 

For further information, please contact Timo Keim: Tel: +49 152 286 63 734