The consortium of SmartSports4GoodLife is organising a Webinar on Business Diversification in the realm of leisure and sports on Thursday 25th of March 2021 between 16.00h and 18.00h (CET).

The Webinar What is the diversification potential for your business?” aspires to provide an in-depth analysis of the changes in consumers’ needs, as well as in the sport and leisure industry’s business model so to discuss concrete success stories in terms of business diversification and emerging opportunities for the sport and leisure sectors resulting from the current pandemic (COVID19).

The Webinar foresees key note speakers representing a great variety of relevant stakeholders as Alfons Cornella (Founder of the Institute of Next and Infonomia)Roland Biro (Director of Commercial, BeStrong), Stéphie Dijkman (Sales and Marketing Director, Tignes Developpement), Andros Montilla (Responsible Digital area at TechnoGym Iberia) and Carla Scholten (Embedded Fitness).

Most remarkably, Alfons Cornella (Founder of the Institute of Next and Infonomia) will provide an holistic and deeper analysis on the changing of consumers’ needs, as well as an assessment on the current status of the sport and leisure industry business in Europe. Furthermore, the Webinar includes a series of case studies of business diversification in the sport and leisure sectors across Europe so to provide an overview of diverse business model able to successfully address business opportunities and consumers’ needs for the sport and leisure sector in Europe. 

Hence, the Webinar aspires to provide businesses and SMEs with the knowledge and tools to review the potential for diversification of their business models whilst imagine new products and services in the realm of sport and leisure in the near future.