Next 10-11 November, partners will gather in Italy and sign a general agreement to develop the joint organization of a common Open Air Sport running event in 2022.

The Transnational Project Meeting aims at the signature of a general agreement under the OPEN-AIR SPORT project, to develop the joint organization of a common running event, in 2022, that could bring together the sporting activity linked to a cultural event, dedicated to the ancient poet Ovid.

At this purpose, ECOS, as Italian partner of the project, have selected an event called OVIDIO RUNNING, a competitive race of 10KM, organized by the local sport organization Ovidio Runners. The race is inspired from the Latin ancient poet OVID, who was born in Sulmona and died, exiled in Constanța.

Since both cities have an identical statue dedicated to the Poet, the idea is to have a Running event (that start in Ovid statue of Sulmona and finish under the Ovid Statue of Constanța, retracing the path that the old poet made during his exile. In the middle of this paths, other several event across Europe, could be organized in different European Cities.